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SharePoint 2010: Connect an Existing Outlook Calendar to SharePoint

For those who are upgrading to SharePoint 2010 might want to make use of the 2-way synchronous “Connect to Outlook” feature. This will allow users to connect an Outlook calendar to SharePoint and be able to manage the same calendars together.

However, most likely you or your team may have already existing calendars on Outlook to manage different events for different teams. While SharePoint doesn’t have an easy way to connect your existing Outlook calendar, there is a way to get the same end result accomplished with a few steps.

Connect an Outlook Calendar to SharePoint

Step 1: Connect your SharePoint calendar to outlook by going to your calendar, and clicking on the Connect to Outlook button under the Calendar Tools > Calendar tab.

outlook calendar to sharepoint

Hit Allow in the prompt that appears and then Yes to connect the calendar to Outlook.

Step 2: With both calendars open side-by-side, click on the View tab at the top and change the view to List view.


Do this for both calendars.

Step 3: You should have both calendars on List view now.


From here, you will be able to copy all of the events from one calendar over to the other.

Once this is complete, your old calendar will have now been copied over to the SharePoint calendar and is automatically 2-way synched with the server. Meaning from hereon forth, you have a connection for your outlook calendar to sharepoint and you and your team can start working on the SharePoint calendar in Outlook or on SharePoint and it will automatically sync up.

Two-way sync:



9 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010: Connect an Existing Outlook Calendar to SharePoint

  1. Diana says:

    I got as far as making my calendars list view but it won’t let me copt the contents over. it’s telling me it’s read only?

  2. Debra says:

    Which calendar, the newly created one or the existing one? Does this mean the existing one will sync as well?

  3. Chris says:

    I get the same issues as Diana. The newly created one is read only according to Outlook.

    “Cannot copy the items. you cannot make changes to contents of this read-only folder.”

  4. Vipin says:

    It copies alright but how to activate the two way sync? because it does not sync with the share point automatically

  5. C Karr says:

    It definitely does not sync the 2 calendars as it says in the post.

  6. miraifusionzt4 says:

    Hey guys, try checking your permissions. I’m able to create events on both SharePoint and Outlook and have them sync both ways. But then again I’m a Site Collection Administrator so it may be related to user-level permissions.

  7. denyingbleial says:

    I’m pretty sure they mean the “calendar” connected to the sharepoint calendar in outlook syncs both ways – you make a meeting in that calendar in outlook and it appears in sharepoint, and vice-versa.

    Your personal calendar you copied the items from, I suspect, isn’t the one with the “two-way sync”. I’m pretty sure they suggest you use the sharepoint calendar (from outlook, or from the browser) after you’re done copying.

  8. Sudip says:

    In above link, after you copy your outlook calender items to SharePoint calender – then subsequent items need to be created in SharePoint calendar and not in Outlook calender.

    This point was not clearly mention. Hope this helps.

  9. Dave OBrien says:

    The initial sync worked with Copying items to my outlook calendar however once an item was entered in SP calendar and you must select copy To my calendar, then adjuste (date or time) the time of the event the SP calendar is updated but my outlook calendar does not sync I can copy to my calendar again and have 2 events. The power of this solution would extend to mobile devices if this syncing actually worked.

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